It is already well known how electricity is produced today. If it is true that there are some methods that are acceptable and safe to produce electricity, such as windbreaks, waterfalls, and dams, these methods do not pollute the environment, but unfortunately they are very expensive and require the power to have with several elements that are really inaccessible to a common person, therefore, these cases are very sporadic in the world.
Most of the electricity produced in the world is obtained by burning coal, garbage, fuel, wood, or anything that can be burned or incinerated, which causes the emission of enormous amounts of lethal gases into the atmosphere and the consequent production of carbon dioxide in large quantities.
On the other hand, atomic energy is extremely dangerous and has already brought serious consequences that have been disastrous for humanity, as was the case of the Chernobyl Atomic Power Plant in Russia, and lately the destruction of Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan, due to the recent earthquake and tsunami in 2012.
In both cases, tens of thousands of people died in addition to the radiation that is spread throughout the planet, which affects all of humanity. I do not explain these things in more detail in this article because these environmental problems are already known and in the public domain, there are enough sources of information in these respects and most of them are already common knowledge.
In this article, I am not trying to convince anyone about which type of energy is better or worse, but rather to explain a reality in great strides. Learning how to make solar panels allows you to reap many benefits.

Sick of paying huge utility bills?

Most people around the world are already tired of the high costs of electricity and it does not seem that this will stabilize in the short term. On average, most homeowners who own or rent a family home pay around $200 to $500 dollars per month for their electricity consumption, and in many cases, even more than that for electricity. and use all your electrical appliances and services.
Of course, many do not think about the annual costs that this means, since $200 per month multiplied by 12 months means $2,400 per year. and $500 per month means $6,000 dollars per year of electricity consumption. This is quite a lot of money, just think of all that you could do with that amount of money if, instead of having to pay the electricity company, this amount would remain in your hands for other expenses, or for savings.
If you calculate what you will spend in 5 or 10 years, this is an astronomical amount of money. Let’s see:
If your consumption is $200/month
5 years x 2400 per year = $12,000 dollars
10 years x 2400 per year = $24,000 dollars
If your consumption is $500/month
5 years x 6,000 per year = $30,000 dollars
10 years x 6,000 per year = $60,000 dollars
The amounts are astronomically greater in the longer term. If you really wanted to save that kind of money, then you should seriously consider learning a little more about solar energy, and maybe even making your own solar panels. Not only could you save a lot of money right now, but this would also be a very significant savings in the near future.
To all this, we have to consider that there is an average increase in the cost of energy that rises and its price rises by an average of 3.75% to 5% each year. Just like anything else that keeps rising in price all the time, whether there is a good economy or a bad economy, the cost of living is also increasing at an unstoppable pace, every month! let alone every year! and much more every decade.
Learning what solar panels are and how they are built is very simple, their installation and use is a very smart decision that protects you from unnecessary expenses.

Making solar panels is much better than buying them for many reasons

2517063240< /a>First, let’s consider buying them:
1) You will pay a very high price for each solar panel, at the rate of $300 USD or more per panel, and you will need between 24 to 34 solar panels. This would give you an approximate cost of between $7,200 and $10,200 “uninstalled”. And around $500 to $700 each. already installed. Which means between $12,000 USD and $23,800 USD already installed.
2) When you buy prefabricated solar panels, you will have to pay the items corresponding to the costs of raw materials, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, distribution, transportation, advertising, retail and wholesale commissions, and the profits that each company must obviously earn. manufactures them, the company that transports them, the company that sells them, and the company that installs them, and finally the intermediaries. The final cost is really huge.
You will end up paying around $23,800 USD for 34 panels prefabricated and already installed. It is for this reason that many people do not dare to adopt the path of using solar energy in their homes or offices and workshops.
The high cost of acquiring and installing solar panels seems to place this type of energy among what could be considered a luxury that only very wealthy people have access to. But this is not entirely true. In fact, if you learn how to make low-cost solar panels, you can radically overcome this high-cost drawback.
When I say low-cost solar panels, I do not mean that they are of lower quality, or of less power, but that, by the very fact that you decide to manufacture them, you would then save yourself from paying all those “added costs” that you already have. prefabricated panels, such as: manufacturing costs, marketing costs, advertising costs, distribution costs, transportation costs, advertising costs, retail and wholesale commission costs, in addition to the profits that each must obviously earn. company that manufactures this type of panels, each company that transports them, each company that sells them, and each company that installs them.
As you can see, the savings would be enormous since you would only have to pay for the raw material for its manufacture, which is very cheap.

Manufacturing cost

A complete solar cell kit to make a single solar panel with 36 solar cells is around $60 USD, not $300 or $500 USD. Add to this cost another expense of $40 USD for the frame, cable and glass. You would then spend about $100 as a total cost “per solar panel”. This in itself is already a third of what it would cost if you bought them from any manufacturer. And it would cost you much less, up to a fifth (only 20%), if you install them yourself.
If you buy bigger kits, the construction will be much cheaper, for example: a kit of 200 solar cells is around $112 USD and you will be able to build 5 solar panels. This is a savings of over 65% in cost, since instead of paying $60 for a 36-cell kit, you would pay only $21.28 for the same 36-cell kit if, instead of buying 2, 3, 4, or 5 kits of 36, buy a single kit of 200 solar cells instead.
In this way, by purchasing larger kits, the cost of each panel could be reduced from $300 USD to just $50 USD, for each finished solar panel.
If we multiply $50 by 34 solar panels and install them yourself, then you would spend just $1,700 for the whole thing, not $23,800 if you buy them ready-made and have them installed by someone else.
So we see if it’s worth the risk, since you’ll get it back long before the first year of using the electricity generated by your new solar power is up.
Goodbye electricity consumption forms. Your family and neighbors will envy you.
If you decide to manufacture solar panels, think that, despite the savings in purchase and installation, “in the long term”, they are enormous; Initially it is not, as you will have to shell out a significant amount of money up front. This is the equivalent of almost a full year of electricity consumption.
Some governments offer incentives and bonuses to attract the population to use clean energy, but in most countries these incentives do not exist. This is another reason many people are hesitant to make this transition from wired power to solar power.
Consult the energy ministry of your country and find out if there are incentives and bonuses for this type of project.
Learning how to make these solar panels and how to install them takes time and money, but it is much less expensive than having to pay a business to do it for you. Also, when you already know how to make solar panels, you can start the transition process little by little, and thus, you can slowly build your own solar panel system according to the specifications that best suit your needs.
You do not have to think about having all the solar panels at once, on the contrary, think that the compensation of energy costs could be reduced little by little, by 10, 15, 20, 25, or 50%, to as you progress until you reach the desired maximum. These savings alone could have a significant effect on your monthly energy bill.
solder-solar-cellsMaking solar panels and learning how to install them will also take some time. Little by little you have to depend less on others, and you can become self-sufficient. Unfortunately, power companies are the worst partners in this type of project, they are regulated by governments and cities, and they are unable to provide you with any advice on this benefit.
When you learn how to make solar panels, you realize how accessible it is to buy the materials and you could even see the project with a commercial approach, and you may also want to offer it to other people or institutions since we all see this type of project with a good return on our investment. Not to mention that it also makes for good fun and a great education for anyone.
As I mentioned before, electrical energy is getting more and more expensive. If you take this project forward little by little, you can save about $2,400 a year, $24,000 in just 10 years, just think what you could do with that money in your pocket, and not in the cash register of your electricity company. This can be a reality if you “learn how to build your own solar power panels” which allows you to bypass all those huge up-front costs that this transition requires.
Believe me, it is better to spend $1,700 USD, fabricating the panels yourself, than to spend $23,800 USD if you buy them or pay a company for the total installation. This is a huge money saver.
In short, electrical energy is expensive, and the type of energy we currently use continues to pollute our planet. Then learn how to make low cost solar panels, this not only saves you huge amounts of money, but you learn how to stop depending on others while doing the right thing for yourself, your family, and the environment.
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