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Our Mission

We want to be the most innovative company in the planning, construction, installation, and use of Solar Energy for the state of Texas, in the United States of America. We also provide, through the Internet, technical educational material on solar energy in the Spanish language.

Little by little we are expanding our services to other states of the American Union and other nations such as: Mexico, Canada, South America, Spain and the Caribbean.
Whether you contract other alternative services or you want to build or install your own solar panels, we recommend you to study our Graphic and Illustrated Guide to building Low Cost Solar PanelsClick Here

DAPROSE SOLAR ENERGY is a proud initiative of DAPROSE.COM, (daprose.com)


ATTN: Solar Energy
2600 S. Loop W. Ste 692
Houston, TX 77054

Phone: +1 (713) 714-7852
For more information about our products and services, please visit:

Our Electronic Addresses

General Information: info@daprose.net
Sales / Sales: sales@daprose.net
Technical Support: support@daprose.net
Webmaster: webmaster@daprose.net

What to do before contacting us?

Before contacting us, please note that we may require specific information from you in order to provide you with important data. Prepare to contact us:

  1. If your plan is to use solar energy to cover all your electricity consumption, then tell us your maximum consumption kWh per month and day. You should check your electricity bill to obtain this information. You nay also need to do some mathematical calculations if you bill does not provide all 3 reports.
  2. If you only want to supply solar energy to one or several pieces of equipment or machinery, check in the technical manuals of each machine. The electricity consumption in kWh per month or year of each piece of equipment should be listed in the tech specs of each machine or equipment.
  3. We also need to know the number of hours of direct sun exposure where you want to install the solar panels.
  4. Installation area (Maximum). Measure the surface where you want to install the panels.
  5. Type of construction where the panels will be placed. Is it flat, inclined, has access, the surface is cement or wood?, etc.
  6. Have your electricity consumption bill/form at hand.
  7. Be willing to tell us what region you live in, (city/state or province/country). This will make it much easier for us to give you estimates of shipping and handling costs or properly guide you on your best purchase alternatives.
  8. There are no shipping or handling charges for purchasing our Guide for Building Low-Cost Solar Panels since it is distributed via email.

Whether you hire alternative services or you want to install your own solar panels, we recommend you to study our Guide to Build Low-Cost Solar PanelsClick Here

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